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2015 HOA Dues Info


2015 Maintenance Dues

After January 31st, 2015, all homeowners accounts who have not had their 2015 payment of $335 clear the MPCA Bank Account, will have a $25 late notice charge billed to their account and will be receiving a late letter notice.  If you are a homeowner that has not paid your 2015 Dues yet, please make arrangements as soon as possible.

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First Weekend of Month is Garage Sale Weekend in MP

MP Garage Sale

2015 Maintenance Dues

MPCA would like to suggest that garage sales be conducted the first Friday and Saturday of each month. This will eliminate the many signs that are out each week and would also makes for a stronger turn out. Most area communities only allow sales twice a year. Memorial Parkway could be known for it’s “Once a Month” garage sales.

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MPCA Valentines Dinner & Bingo

Join us Friday, February 13th in the Cimarron Clubhouse for dinner and BINGO! At 6:30pm Lasagna Dinner will be served and Bingo will start at 7pm. We will play 20 games which usually takes about 2 hours.  Bingo is for MPCA Residents who are over the age of 18 years. This is an adult only event and space is limited to 50 people per the clubhouse fire code. You must sign up via the signupgenius link below.

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Time to Take Down Christmas Lights


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December Security Report


911 Hang-up Calls    1

Accident/Major    2

Accident/Minor    4

Alarm       13

Animal/Aggressive     1

Animal/Humane    12

Arson/fire     5

Assault/sex child    1

Burglary/Habitat     2

Burglary/Motor Vehicle    2

Burglary/Other     1

Check Park/Business    6

Compliance Check    1

Contract Checks    230

Criminal Mischief     3

Disturbance/Fireworks   1

Disturbance/Juvenile    1

Disturbance/Family    1            

Drug/OD/possession      2

DWI   1                                                            

Follow-up   3            

Fraudulent Use of ID   1

In Progress    2

Incident report   14

Information call    54

Meet the citizen/officer  34

Medical Emergency   1

Mental case    1

Missing person     2

Neighborhood check  9

Open door/window   1

Solicitors   1

Special Assignment    2

Stranded Motor Vehicle   2

Suspicious Person      9

Theft/Other         2

Traffic Hazard      3

Traffic Initiative   10

Traffic Stops     31

      Citations    13

      Warnings   13

      Information    2

      Other      3

Vacation Watch     15

Vehicle Recovery   1

Vehicle Suspicious    6

Welfare Check      1

Writ     3

Miscellaneous     7

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3257 Hits