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HC Constables Security Report for July 2019

HC Constables Security Report for the month of July 2019

Security ReportJul-19
Alarm Local9
Arson Fire1
Assult - Sexual1
Burglary - MotorVehicle1
Check Park/School11
Child Custody Dispatch1
Contract Checks130
Criminal Mischief4
Disturbance-Loud Noise2
Domestic Prevent1
Follow Up4
In Progress1
In Progress -Life in Danger1
Incident Report3
Information call48
Meet the Citizen48
Mental Health4
Missing Person1
Neighborhood check10
Open Door/Window1
Prop Found/Lost6
Suspicious Person10
Theft - Other5
Traffic Initiative1
Traffic Stops16
     Citations           7
     Warnings        8
     Advisement     0
Unk Medical Emergency                            5
Vacation Watch50
Vehicle Abandoned2
Vehicle Suspicious8
Vehicle Stolen1
Welfare Check4
Total: 402
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Jet Band March - A - Thon


Mark your calendars for the Jet Band March-A-Thon!! They will be marching through Memorial Parkway Saturday, August 17th!! Let's support our kids! We hear that they will make it to MPE around 10:45am. They will march Park Tree, Park Knoll, Park Brook, Park Wind back to the elementary. You can purchase a song and have them stop in front of your house!! Check out their page for more info!!

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Notice from HC

We see a lot of unhappy comments about the HOA requesting that homeowners/residents keep the street curb clean from leaves, grass and debris...
Please see the email we just received from Harris County in regards to such a matter. "We had our crew out at ___ Park ___ on Wednesday and they have eliminated the standing water issue. Feedback from our crew informed us that the residents that live at this address let leaves and grass clippings accumulate in the gutter line of the curb, which adds to the standing water issue. If you would, could you reach out to these residents and let them know about this issue? If the curb is kept clean of debris, the issue should be eliminated altogether. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me."
As we all know we live in a area that is prone to street flooding. Standing water is also a health issue as it breeds mosquitoes. Just a friendly reminder to include the street curb in your lawn maintenance duties. We really appreciate everyone's help in this matter. Thank You!!
City of Corpus Christi has some other good information on this matter also.
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Mason Creek Trail Extension Status Update

Construction has begun and ground has been broken on this trail.  Work is supposed to start on the top of bank trail in about a month.  Construction is expected to take 3-4 months. The picture is at the underpass of Mason Road.
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Mobile Vet Clinic


 The Mobile Vet Clinic got us mixed up with Memorial Chase subdivision. 

The Mobile Vet Clinic provides cost-effective pet care for your furry friends. They offer a full line of canine and feline vaccinations, along with medicine, diagnostics, and wellness examinations. They will be at the Cimarron Clubhouse Thursday, August 15th from 4pm to 7pm.

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Solicitation of Candidates

An election will be held at the 2019 Annual Meeting of Members on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 for two (2) positions available on the Board of Directors. Election for these two (2) positions on the Board will be based on the votes cast by owners/members of the Association. 
The current homeowner incumbents seeking election are: 
·Michael Olsen
·William Pongrass
If you would like to have your name and bio included on the directed proxy/ballot that will be mailed and emailed to all members prior to the meeting, please notify MPCA Office, by email no later than 5pm on August 22, 2019. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the meeting; however, a person nominated from the floor at the meeting must be present at the meeting and confirm his/her desire to be a candidate for election to the Board. 
You may submit your name and bio as a candidate by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you have any questions, please contact the office. 
MPCA Election Committee
21600 Cimarron Parkway 
Katy, TX 77450
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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No Water at Cimarron Parkway Facility/Pool


The lifeguard arrive to Cimarron pool to a broken sprinkler valve flooding the pavilion area. We tired to stop water by just turning off the valve but not sufficient enough. We had to turn the water off to the entire building, so no bathrooms🚽 are available at this time. Our handy man is on scene and working to make the repair ASAP.

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Recreation Committee Meeting


Looking for volunteers to help with this years Haunted House! Join us for a meeting to start planning and brain storming how to make this year's event a success. The meeting will be Thursday, July 18th at 7pm in the MP Clubhouse. Hope to see all you party planners there!

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Open Deed Violations as of June 24, 2019

Architectural 4
Basketball Goal4
Dumpster or Pod0
Exterior Lighting2
Flags & Flag Poles0
Home Exterior235
 Dirt & Mildew138
 Exterior Paint59
 Exterior Repair14
 Gutters & Downspouts23
Lawn Maintenance226
 bare spots44
 mowing, edging, grass in seams103
 grass in seams49
Outdoor Furniture0
Satellite Dish0
Stored Items52
Swimming Pools & Spas0
Trash Containers44
 recreational vehicles3
 window a/c unit1
 window treatments2
 damaged glass0
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Dive In Movie Night


Enjoy food, a free noodle, family time and a great movie at the pool! Friday, August 16th at 7pm at Cimarron Parkway Pool. RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view so that we know how many to prepare for! Hope to see you there!

We will be serving hot dogs and sausage dogs! We also be serving sides such as chili, beans, potato salad, chips. For desert we will have cookies and watermelon! We will also have a variety of drinks. Come hungry! If you would like something else to have, please fill free to bring in your own items!

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August Board Meeting



The Board of Directors meets in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse (21600 Cimarron Parkway) on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. The meeting is open to all members of the Association. Members are welcome to observe the public portion of the meeting and to address the Board during the ‘Homeowner Forum’ section of the meeting. The Board is only required by the State to have ONE meeting per year, but MP has always had monthly meetings so that they can be more accessible to the members that they serve. Our monthly board meeting, will be Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 7pm. Please see the agenda here

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July Pool Hours


Cimarron Pool

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MPCA Annual Budget Meeting


The 2019-2020 Annual Budget Review and Meeting will be Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 7pm in the Cimarron Parkway Clubhouse located at 21600 Cimarron Parkway, Katy TX 77450. All homeowners are welcome to attend.

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July 4th Week in Memorial Parkway


Due to several Board members being unable to attend the July 2nd, the meeting has been cancelled. The office will be closed in observance of July 4th Holiday Thursday and Friday (July 4th and 5th).

At MPCA we believe everyone  has the right to celebrate our country's freedom on the 4th of July with Joy & Enthusiasm. Keep in mind that your right to celebrate ends where the local noise ordinances, laws, your neighbor's rights and property begins. Please remember firework safety this July 4th. Use only legally purchased, approved fireworks. Use them as directed, under supervision and clear of any combustible material and clear of all buildings.  Legal fireworks should be used or overseen by a responsible adult. No such fireworks may be thrown into, over, or around other homes, forested areas, or left in the common areas of the HOA. Residents who fail to comply with these restrictions will be held responsible for any damage and repairs. Fireworks leave debris, paper shreds, fuses, powder residue and other materials that may leave a mess and be potentially harmful.   Be sure to clean up after your fireworks display. 

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May Security Report

Security ReportMay-19
911 Hang Up4
Accident Major2
Accident Minor3
Accident FSGI1
Assault -Family1
Child Custody Dispatch1
Criminal Mischief3
Fradulent Use of ID2
Meet the Citizen94
Meet the Officer1
Neighborhood check26
Open Door/Window1
Prop Found/Lost1
Road Rage Inc1
Special Assignment1
Telephone Harassment2
Theft - Other1
Traffic Initiative4
Traffic Hazard3
Warrant Service1
Welfare Check3
Writ of Execution1
Total: 438
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Pools Closed due to Inclement Weather

Cimarron Parkway and Highland Knolls Pools are closed today (Wednesday, June 5th) due to tropical disturbance and flash flood warnings.

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Memorial Day Weekend Information



Memorial Day Weekend Information

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June Board Meeting


The Board of Directors meets in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse (21600 Cimarron Parkway) on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. The meeting is open to all members of the Association. The Board is only required by the State to have ONE meeting per year, but MP has always had monthly meetings so that they can be more accessible to the members that they serve. Our monthly board meeting, will be Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 7pm.

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Splash Day


Let’s kick of the swim season with a neighborhood pool party!! We like to call it Splash Day!! It’s the biggest pool party of the year. We will have pool games, door prizes, pizza, drinks and ice cream. Saturday, June 1st from 12-3pm at the Cimarron Parkway Pool. We hope to see you pool side!

We could use some volunteers to help serving pizza and drinks. If you would like to help out please call the office at 281-492-2949.

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Cimarron Parkway Construction Update


Not all the parts to the pavilion came in with the shipment so therefor the construction start date has been pushed back a week. We are told that construction on the pavilion and playgrounds should begin, May 13, 2019. We are anxiously awaiting the next phase. After this phase of construction, the next phase will be sidewalk and parking lot work then landscaping.

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