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Pool Rental

  1. Reservations are available to MPCA Adult Residents (owner or renter) in good standing (maintenance fee paid and not in violation of deed restricitons). Resident must show valid ID when renting the facility.
  2. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the use date, with fees paid and forms filled out.
  3. The Cimarron Pool can be rented from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Set up and clean up times need to be included in reservation time. No early set-up. There is a 2-hour, 2 guard per hour minimum for all parties. The fee for lifeguards is $25 per hour, per guard. There is also a $12.50 per guard fee to cover clean up cost.
  4. $25.00 pool rental fee and a $275.00 damage deposit fee must be paid to MPCA. Must be on a check with Memorial Parkway address. A $35 Reservation Fee must be paid to TAE Aquatics.
  5. 2-guard minimum for all parties allows 40 guests. If you are going to have over 40 people, you will need an additional guard allowing an additional 20 people. Everyone entering the pool area (even if they are not swimming) is included in the head count. Please estimate/count guests accurately --- if more people are at the party than specified, the party will be closed or additional fees incurred.
  6. Pool and Clubhouse cannot be rented at the same time due to possible damages to the clubhouse furnishings.
  7. No Monday rentals due to extended pool hours (HK closed) and no Thursday rental due to extended pool hours (HK closed) and no Thursday rental due to Cimarron pool cleaning.
  8. Damage deposit of $275.00 will be returned to you provided there are no damages to the facility.
  9. For additional information please contact the MPCA office at 281-492-2949.

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