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Shred Day October 14th for Mud #81 Residents


Shred Day October 14th for Mud #81 Residents

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Open Deed Violations September 2023

While we understand that no one likes to receive a notice from the inspectors that something on their property needs attention; the inspectors do look at every home during the routine inspections. That is 2219 homes! All properties are inspected with the same rule of measure. Inspectors write for the easiest or smallest infraction such as not bringing in the trash can to the biggest such need to repaint the home.
Some matters are easily resolved and some take more time. We understand that it can be extremely frustrating when you take pride in your home and it looks great but your neighbor's home does not.
Not all neighbors are so quick to remedy issues and it may take several letters, which takes several months and the Association may even have to take legal actions to bring the property into compliance.
Our goal is to work with everyone so that the entire subdivision looks its best. Sometimes that means giving time and we are happy to do that if the homeowner is aware and working to get the home up to the community's standards. Thank you for understanding!! Below is the list of current matters open based on the last inspection.
Open Deed Restriction Violations as of  9/19/2023
Animals 0
Architectural 6
Basketball Goal 4
Decorations 1
Driveways 1
Dumpster or Pod 2
Exterior Lighting 0
Fences 10
Flags & Flag Poles 1
Garages 4
Home Exterior
Dirt & Mildew 15
Exterior Paint 25
Exterior Repair 8
Gutters & Downspouts 8
Roof 1
weeds 7
vines 0
trim bushes 1
dead landscaping 19
border 3
sago palms trim 1
sightline 0
Lawn Maintenance
bare spots 30
mowing, edging, grass in seams 50
edging 19
grass in seams 26
ruts 2
street curb debris 0
Mailboxes 5
Outdoor Furniture 2
Satellite Dish 0
Sidewalk 5
Signs 2
Stored Items 44
Swimming Pools & Spas 0
Trash Containers 66
dead tree 15
leaves & tree debris 13
low tree branches 3
palm tree 1
stump 2
Use 0
commercial 2
parking 2
storage 15
repairs 1
recreational vehicles 4
trailer 10
window a/c unit 1
window treatments 8
damaged glass or screen 6
Total 451
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Fall Yard Clean-Up Assistance for Senior Homeowners in Need

fall clean up thumbnail copy

It should come as no surprise that for seniors in need of elder care, one of the biggest difficulties every fall is yard work. From raking leaves to clearing gutters, there are all sorts of seasonal tasks that seniors often struggle with — particularly older individuals and those with strength and mobility issues.

MPCA has partnered with Epiphany Catholic Church Youth Ministries to provide yard work for seniors in need in the Memorial Parkway Community. Volunteers will be out on Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 8am to noon to perform routine yard work at 10 homes in need. If you are a senior in need of such assistance or know of a neighbor in need please contact the Memorial Parkway Office at 281-492-2949 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be placed on the list. 

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September Committee Meeting

download 1
Your Memorial Parkway Community needs YOU! We need volunteers to offer their talents in a variety of roles to help support our HOA functions and activities.
If you value the events and services that our HOA offers, please consider volunteering so that we may continue to serve our great community!
We are looking for volunteers for the Grounds, Recreation, Facilities, Architectural Control and Security committees.
If you would like to volunteer, please come to our meeting on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 7pm in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse to learn more about the needs of these committees.
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
MPCA Clubhouse
21600 Cimarron Parkway
Katy, TX 77450
The Recreation Committee is in need of volunteers for the 2023 Haunted House on Saturday, October 28th. If you are creative and love Halloween as much as we do… we would love to have you help turn the clubhouse into a spooky good time!!

We are looking for community groups, classic cars, golf carts, and bikers who would like to participate in the Santa Parade, Saturday, December 2nd at Noon.
Please reach out to the MPCA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like more information on participating in the parade with your local organization!
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October Community Association Meeting

october 3

Memorial Parkway Community Association Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 3, 2023


MPCA Clubhouse

The Board of Directors will meet in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse (21600 Cimarron Parkway) on the Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 7pm. The meeting is open to all members of the Association. Please see the link to a PDF of the October 2023 Meeting Agenda

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Harris County Pct 5 Constables Report August 2023

Harris County Constable Pct 5 
Beat Activity Report 
Mental Health1
Criminal Mischief1
Assault Family2
Injury to Elderly1
Theft Other1
Fraudulent Use ID2
Property Found/Lost2
Silver Watch4
Terroristic Threat1
Suspicious Person26
Vehicle Suspicious11
Traffic Stop9
Vehicle Speeding2
Alarm Local7
Alarm Holdup1
Stranded Motor Vehicle2
Disturbance Juvenile1
Disturbance Family1
Disturbance Loud Noise2
Animal Humane4
Discharge Firearms1
Civil Proc/SVC1
Meet the Citizen37
Information Call22
Special Assignment5
Follow Up 4
Incident Report4
Check Park5
Check School1
Contract Check 96
Vacation Watch1
Neighborhood Check56
Traffic Hazard1
Traffic Initiative7
Accident Minor2
Unk Medical Emergency3
Stationary Visibility Patrol1
Total Calls332
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September Newsletter

AdobeStock 127406596

Please see the link to the SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

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Bingo Night


Join your neighbors for a night out at the clubhouse!!
Friday, September 22, 2023 at 7pm
Come for appetizers and bingo!

We will play 20 games, which usually takes about 2 hours. Bingo is for residents over the age of 18 years old. This is an adult only event and space is limited to 60 people (due to building fire code) .

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Open Deed Violations August 2023

Please find the open violation matters that we are currently following. Due to the heat wave we did not send out letters for bare spots but extended out the time for homeowners to resolve the matter.

Open Deed Restriction Violations 8/21/2023
Animals 0
Architectural 8
Basketball Goal 4
Decorations 3
Driveways 1
Dumpster or Pod 3
Exterior Lighting 0
Fences 10
Flags & Flag Poles 2
Garages 5
Home Exterior
Dirt & Mildew 14
Exterior Paint 19
Exterior Repair 9
Gutters & Downspouts 13
Roof 3
weeds 11
vines 0
trim bushes 2
dead landscaping 12
border 3
sago palms trim 1
sightline 0
Lawn Maintenance
bare spots 43
mowing, edging, grass in seams 36
edging 12
grass in seams 36
ruts 1
street curb debris 2
Mailboxes 5
Outdoor Furniture 0
Satellite Dish 0
Sidewalk 6
Signs 6
Stored Items 53
Swimming Pools & Spas 1
Trash Containers 54
dead tree 5
leaves & tree debris 9
low tree branches 5
palm tree 1
stump 6
Use 0
commercial 3
parking 0
storage 9
repairs 1
recreational vehicles 3
trailer 7
window a/c unit 1
window treatments 6
damaged glass or screen 7
Total 441

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Jet Band March-A-Thon - Saturday August 19th

MAT 2023 Flyer 1
14th Annual JET Band Marchathon will be coming back to Memorial Parkway this year!!!! Yay!
Saturday, August 19th.
10:30am at the Cimarron Parkway Park
One of the stops will be at the Cimarron Parkway PARK parking lot. The band will be arriving at approximately 10:30am. From the park the band will march north on Park Wind to the elementary on Park Tree Ln. Residents living on the route will also be able to purchase a concert in front of their homes if they would like! The band has a lot of kids this year who live in Memorial Parkway. Let's show them our support!!
For more information and to donate visit the Band's website.
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September Community Association Meeting


Memorial Parkway Community Association Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2023


MPCA Clubhouse

The Board of Directors will meet in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse (21600 Cimarron Parkway) on the Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7pm. The meeting is open to all members of the Association. Please see the link to a PDF of the September Board Meeting Agenda

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Call for Candidates - 2024 Board Member Election

2024 Solicitation of Board Candidates

An elected Board of 5 Directors manage the affairs of the HOA. Each of the Directors is elected for a 3-year term. The 5 Board positions are staggered in rotation meaning every year there is at least one Board position up for re-election.

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Cimarron Parkway Park Amenity Addition Survey

Cimarron Parkway Park Amenity Addition Survey
Please take the quick survey to help in future planning for the CP Park.
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Harris County Constables Pct 5 Report July 2023

Harris County Constable Pct 5 
Beat Activity Report 
Mental Health6
Criminal Mischief3
Assault Family1
Aggravated Assault1
Injury to Child1
Burg of Habitation1
Open Door Window1
Theft Other2
Fraudulent Use ID2
Property Found/Lost1
Silver Watch2
Suspicious Person17
Vehicle Suspicious2
Vehicle Abandoned2
Traffic Stop15
Alarm Local3
Alarm Rep Site1
Disturbance Family1
Disturbance Loud Noise4
Disturbance Fireworks2
Disturbance Other2
Drug OD Possession1
Animal Humane3
Animal Aggressive1
Discharge Firearms3
Meet the Citizen40
Information Call24
Meet the Officer1
Welfare Check2
Follow Up 5
Incident Report1
Check Park5
Contract Check 86
Death Notification1
Neighborhood Check77
Traffic Hazard2
Traffic Initiative5
Accident Minor6
911 Hang Up1
Computer Crime1
Total Calls337
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August Community Association Meeting

Memorial Parkway Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 15, 2023
*moved to committee night due to National Neighbor's Night Out Cookout pool side with movie.
MPCA Clubhouse
The Board of Directors will meet in the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse (21600 Cimarron Parkway) on the Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at 7pm. The meeting is open to all members of the Association. Please see the link to the meeting agenda. 
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August Newsletter


Please see the link to the AUGUST NEWSLETTER

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Open Deed Violations July 2023

Open Deed Restriction Violations7/21/2023
Architectural 8
Basketball Goal3
Dumpster or Pod2
Exterior Lighting1
Flags & Flag Poles1
Home Exterior 
 Dirt & Mildew17
 Exterior Paint22
 Exterior Repair9
 Gutters & Downspouts15
 trim bushes3
 dead landscaping15
 sago palms trim2
Lawn Maintenance  
 bare spots55
 mowing, edging, grass in seams85
 grass in seams34
 street curb debris4
Outdoor Furniture0
Satellite Dish0
Stored Items51
Swimming Pools & Spas0
Trash Containers80
 dead tree3
 leaves & tree debris9
 low tree branches5
 palm tree1
 recreational vehicles3
 window a/c unit1
 window treatments10
 damaged glass or screen8
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Proud Pie Pop Up - Friday, July 21st


Proud Pie Mobile Pop Up at Memorial Parkway!!!

The Pie Squatch is coming to your neighborhood with delicious slices of pie!!

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July 24th - 28th Adjusted Pool Hours

July Leak Repair Pool Hours
The Highland Knolls pool has 5 leaks in the plumbing under the pool decking. Unfortunately the pool will need to be closed for the repairs to be made. The repairs are estimate to take 3 days.
The Highland Knolls pool will be closed this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday July 24th - 27th.
Cimarron Pool will be open late until 9pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Both pools will be closed on Thursday, July 27th as it is Cimarron Pool's cleaning day.


The cost of the leak detection was $3,733.00 and the leak repairs are estimated to cost $9.665.00 for a total repair cost of $13,398.

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Seeking Vendors for Fall Craft Fair

IMG 1565

Seeking Vendors for Fall Craft Fair!! Saturday, September 30th!!

Registration now open!!
Booths are available on a first come, first serve basis. At this time, we are offering only (6) indoor booths and (10) outdoor booths but more outdoor booths may be considered depending on the vendor response and interest. Vendor applications that don’t qualify or are not confirmed will be notified and refunded entry money within 2 weeks of application submission.
Applications can be dropped off at the MPCA office during normal business hours or emailed electronically to Michelle Collins (contact email below). Payment must be made for the application to be processed. Payments can be dropped off at MPCA with application or to Michelle Collins directly. No refunds will be issued if vendor cancels due to the purchase of supplies and additional signage.
We welcome brand vendors (i.e. Mary Kay, Scentsy, Color Street...) however; we limit one vendor per national product. We welcome unique and handmade items too! We will not be allowing any food items to be sold at booths without a food handlers card.
A vendor’s packet will be emailed out to all confirmed vendors by August 30th, 2023. The vendor’s packet will include vendor set up information, instructions, and requirements.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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