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MPCA Board Election Results


Last night at our annual HOA meeting we held an election for two Board of Director positions for a 3 year term (2023-2025). We had 336 homeowners submit either a proxy or vote in person at the annual meeting. The results of the voting were (in alphabetical order):

Bill Fisher 53

Sarah Gemmell 93

Michael Olsen 169

Kristi Panahi 28

William Pongrass 65

Linda Rossman 148

Michael Sheiman 49

Michael Olsen and Linda Rossman were each elected to a 3 year term on the Memorial Parkway HOA Board of Directors!! 

Thank you to all the candidates for your willingness to serve our wonderful community!!

Thank you to everyone who voted!! 

Harris County Constable Pct 5 Beat Activity Report...
MPCA Board Election Voting Reminder

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