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2022 Memorial Parkway HOA Board Election


2022 Board Election Information

An elected Board of 5 Directors manage the affairs of the HOA. Each of the Directors is elected for a 3-year term. The 5 Board positions are staggered in rotation meaning every year there is at least one Board position up for re-election. The Board election is held every year in November during the Annual Meeting. For 2022, there will be two Board positions open for re-election. The candidates running for the 2022 Board of Directors are Tom Blache, Charles Herring, and Paul Schmidt. A Proxy will be mailed out in the Annual Mailing in October of 2021. Homeowners can also vote via the online proxy. We have to have to meet the quorum in order to have a valid election. If we do not have enough members return the proxy/vote, then we will have to do another mailing which will cost the members, $1,200. Please help keep your HOA Dues down, by voting this year.

If you have a chance please go ahead and vote via the easy to use Online Proxy link below. 


Candidate Bios

Tom Blache

Hi fellow residents, I am Tom Blache. I have a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. I have lived in the neighborhood going on fifteen years. Many may have seen me jogging or riding through the community. Or the daily playing ball with my dog as you travel through Park Royale.

I am running for a board position to see new ideas and positive changes. Transparency, accountability and common sense is the key to these changes. You can't solve issues with the same problems that caused them. The problem always contains the solution. The Board's mission statement has the line: The Board will serve the Homeowners by taking a fair, ethical, and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners. I would like to see this in the productive manner in which it is intended. I believe everyone's voice should be heard, and issues worked together. Memorial Parkway is home, and home isn't a place; it's a feeling. I would appreciate your vote. Many thanks for considering my candidacy.


Charles Herring

My name is Charles Herring and I am running for re-election to the Memorial Parkway Home Owners board of directors. I have lived in Memorial Parkway for 34 years and have been involved with the homeowners’ association for 18 years while serving on the Board for the past 15 years. Prior to this, I served with my wife, Susan, on the Security Committee for many years.

Keeping property values high and our neighborhood safe are my foremost priorities.  

While I have recently retired, I was a corporate auditor for 40 years and have vast experience in many types of audit work.

I completely understand the value of a dollar and the proper/ethical use of our community’s money.

I enjoy visiting with my neighbors, at the Board and committee meetings, while listening to their concerns and helping them find equitable solutions.

My children grew up in this neighborhood and I will continue to strive to do my best to keep Memorial Parkway a safe neighborhood where families will want to make their homes.

I will greatly appreciate your vote and support.

Paul Schmidt

My name is Paul Schmidt, an 11-year resident of Memorial Parkway. 

Based on my commitment to be of service to our community and make an impactful contribution, I have chosen to run for a position on the HOA board.   

My strong can-do attitude will have a positive impact on the HOA’s ability to continue the betterment of our community, maintain property values and implement all that is needed to ensure the safety and security to the Memorial Parkway community. 

I am leadership minded and dedicated to continuing our forward momentum as we do all that is needed to streamline processes and improve our community standards across every metric

Thank you for your consideration.  

Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

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