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Pool Rules for Memorial Parkway Teens


We are experiencing some issues with unattended teens at Highland Knolls pool. Due to the continued misbehavior and disruption to other homeowners who are at the pool, we are limiting the number of guest that a Memorial Parkway Teen (Age 12-17) may bring in. We have reduced the number to 2 guests. We continuously see rules broken such as foul language, running and shoving, skateboards, throwing footballs, bouncing basketballs, and not following lifeguard direction. We have posted additional signage at both pools to aid the lifeguards in enforcing the rules. We hope that the unattended teens will follow the rules and behave in a proper manner so that all residents may enjoy the pools. If a teen is seen breaking any of the pool rules then they will be temporarily banned from entering the pool without their parent or guardian. 

Attention Memorial Parkway TEEN (Age 12-17) Residents

The following rules must be followed or you will be asked to leave the pool facility.

  • Teen age residents may only check in 2 guests at time.
  • No cussing or foul language is allowed.
  • No running or shoving allowed in the pool area.
  • No bicycles, skates, skateboards, etc. are allowed in the pool area.
  • No throwing toys, frisbees, footballs, tennis balls, or bouncing basketballs are allowed in the pool area.
Face Mask Requirements For Pool Attendance
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