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Pool Information

We have been actively working with our pool provider and watching closely for the Governor of Texas directives for public outdoor swimming pools.  We are eager for the Memorial Parkway pools to open. Cimarron Parkway pool is scheduled to open May 21st and Highland Knolls Pool is tentatively scheduled to open June 2nd. 

In order to be in compliance with COVID health directives, there are additional rules and measures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of our patrons. 
·Due to the State of Texas COVID19 Health Directive; outdoor swimming pools may operate up to 25% of the normal operating limits as determined by the swimming pool operator. Please read the entire state health protocol to be followed. 
·Memorial Parkway Pools have an occupancy of 225 persons. In order to be in compliance with the health directive not more than 55 people can be inside the pool facility at one time. No guest will be allowed at this time.Residents only. 
·Per government guidance, all play features such as slides and diving boards will be roped off using yellow caution tape and will not be available for use by the residents.  
·Furniture and high touch areas will be sanitized at the end of each day. The pool 30 minutes early to allow residents to clear out of the pool itself, gather belongings and exit the facility prior to the guards sanitizing everything and finishing closing duties. For example, if the pool is closing at 8pm. The guards will blow the whistle at 7:30pm and ask that you exit the water, dry off, gather belongings and leave. 
·Initially, during “safety break (adult swim)” at 10 minutes prior to the top of each hour no patrons (including adults) will be allowed in the pool in order to allow the guard on stand to get down and help the other guard facilitate and complete other required tasks as needed. We anticipate at some point in the summer we will allow adult swim during this time frame as things normalize.
·Initially we have hired a gate keeper to check person in and monitor head count in addition to the two lifeguards. All people entering the facility to not be allowed in until they are signed in by the gate keeper to minimize frequent pen touch and accurate patron listing. Once the facility reaches the mandated reduced capacity, of 55 patrons, a sign will be placed on the outside of the front gate asking patrons to wait outside the gate until other residents leave the facility.
·If the pool reaches the mandated reduced capacity, an announcement will be made at the next "safety break", asking those that have been at the pool longer than 2 hours to leave so that other residents may come in and enjoy the facility. Please assist us in this by limiting your visit to 2 hours per day. 
·We are recommending that residents:
oBring a pair of gloves if they are concerned about touching frequently touched surfaces.
oBring a small hand sanitizer for themselves.
oBring a mask if they desire (not to be worn in the water).
oBring any other PPE they desire.
May Pool Schedule - Cimarron Parkway Pool
Thursday, May 21st 10am-8pm
Friday, May 22nd 10am-8pm
Saturday, May 23rd 10am-8pm
Sunday, May 24th 12pm-8pm
Monday, May 25th 10am-8pm Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 26th 10am-8pm 
Wednesday, May 27th 10am-8pm
Thursday, May 28th Closed for Cleaning
Friday, May 29th 10am-8pm
Saturday, May 30th 10am-8pm
Sunday, May 31st 12pm-8pm
As a reminder, this is the second swim season that MP is using online pool access via CellBadge. If you registered your household last year, and your account is in good standing, there is no further action needed this year. If you have not yet registered your household, please see our website for steps to register. 
For additional Harris County Covid information please see 
We hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this time. We look forward to seeing you at the swimming pools. 
June Board Meeting
May Board Meeting and Updates

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