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Open Deed Violations September 2023

While we understand that no one likes to receive a notice from the inspectors that something on their property needs attention; the inspectors do look at every home during the routine inspections. That is 2219 homes! All properties are inspected with the same rule of measure. Inspectors write for the easiest or smallest infraction such as not bringing in the trash can to the biggest such need to repaint the home.
Some matters are easily resolved and some take more time. We understand that it can be extremely frustrating when you take pride in your home and it looks great but your neighbor's home does not.
Not all neighbors are so quick to remedy issues and it may take several letters, which takes several months and the Association may even have to take legal actions to bring the property into compliance.
Our goal is to work with everyone so that the entire subdivision looks its best. Sometimes that means giving time and we are happy to do that if the homeowner is aware and working to get the home up to the community's standards. Thank you for understanding!! Below is the list of current matters open based on the last inspection.
Open Deed Restriction Violations as of  9/19/2023
Animals 0
Architectural 6
Basketball Goal 4
Decorations 1
Driveways 1
Dumpster or Pod 2
Exterior Lighting 0
Fences 10
Flags & Flag Poles 1
Garages 4
Home Exterior
Dirt & Mildew 15
Exterior Paint 25
Exterior Repair 8
Gutters & Downspouts 8
Roof 1
weeds 7
vines 0
trim bushes 1
dead landscaping 19
border 3
sago palms trim 1
sightline 0
Lawn Maintenance
bare spots 30
mowing, edging, grass in seams 50
edging 19
grass in seams 26
ruts 2
street curb debris 0
Mailboxes 5
Outdoor Furniture 2
Satellite Dish 0
Sidewalk 5
Signs 2
Stored Items 44
Swimming Pools & Spas 0
Trash Containers 66
dead tree 15
leaves & tree debris 13
low tree branches 3
palm tree 1
stump 2
Use 0
commercial 2
parking 2
storage 15
repairs 1
recreational vehicles 4
trailer 10
window a/c unit 1
window treatments 8
damaged glass or screen 6
Total 451
Shred Day October 14th for Mud #81 Residents
Fall Yard Clean-Up Assistance for Senior Homeowner...

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