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July 4th Week in Memorial Parkway


Due to several Board members being unable to attend the July 2nd, the meeting has been cancelled. The office will be closed in observance of July 4th Holiday Thursday and Friday (July 4th and 5th).

At MPCA we believe everyone  has the right to celebrate our country's freedom on the 4th of July with Joy & Enthusiasm. Keep in mind that your right to celebrate ends where the local noise ordinances, laws, your neighbor's rights and property begins. Please remember firework safety this July 4th. Use only legally purchased, approved fireworks. Use them as directed, under supervision and clear of any combustible material and clear of all buildings.  Legal fireworks should be used or overseen by a responsible adult. No such fireworks may be thrown into, over, or around other homes, forested areas, or left in the common areas of the HOA. Residents who fail to comply with these restrictions will be held responsible for any damage and repairs. Fireworks leave debris, paper shreds, fuses, powder residue and other materials that may leave a mess and be potentially harmful.   Be sure to clean up after your fireworks display. 

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