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Harris County Pct 5 Constables Report for the month of October

Security Report 19-OctSecurity Report 19-Oct911 Hang Up 2Accident Minor 4Accident FSGI 1Alarm Local 4Animal-Humane 7Animal-Aggressive 1Animal - Livestock 1Burglary - MotorVehicle 1Check Park/School 11Contract Checks 100Criminal Mischief 1Discharge Firearms 2Disturbance - Juvenile 1Disturbance-Family 4Disturbance-Loud Noise 8Disturbance-Other 7Domestic Prevent 1Follow Up 2Fradulent Use of ID 1Incident Report 5Indecent Exposure 1Information call 41Meet the Citizen 52Meet the Officer 4Mental Health 3MUD Building Check 1Neighborhood check 32Open Door/Window 1Prop Found/Lost 1Special Assignment 1Suspicious Person 17Theft - Other 1Traffic Initiative 9Traffic Hazard 1Traffic Stops 8     Arrest 0     Citations            3     Warnings        4     Advisement      1Unk Medical Emergency                            3Vacation Watch 26Vehicle Abandoned 1Vehicle Suspicious 9Welfare Check 9Total: 385

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