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2019 HoLiDaY LiGhT CoNtEsT WiNnErS


2019 is a great year to stroll through the subdivision looking at lights. There are many house beautifully decorated. The judges had a very hard time this year narrowing down the list of winners to the top 5 homes. We like to spread the holiday cheer... therefore if a home was in the top 5 last year, we do not pick them for the top 5 the following year. The top 5 best decorated homes in Memorial Parkway were.... 21603 Park Villa, 21426 Park Tree, 21406 Park Rock, 21606 Highland Knolls and 1251 Park Knoll. Honorable mention goes to the 700 Block of Park Wind Drive! The neighbor's got together and wrapped their beautiful 50 year old oak trees. Be sure to check that out as it is just beautiful. 

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