2017 Memorial Parkway Christmas Light Contest Winners

2017 Memorial Parkway Christmas Light Contest Winners

We saw a lot of great lights through out the neighborhood last night. It was really difficult to narrow down the winners. If a house was a winner last year, then we did not pick them to win again this year. That way we could spread around the fun and prizes!! Check out our Facebook Page for the pictures of the winners. The picture files were too big and would not upload to our website. :(

The 2017 Winners for the Memorial Parkway Christmas Light Contest are listed below:

Reason for the Season: 21406 Park Rock

Through a Child's Eyes: 21307 Park Brook

"Ever" Green: 21646 Highland Knolls

Creative Inflatables : 21426 Cimarron Parkway

Traditionally Elegant: 20934 Park Pine

Clark Griswold Award: 21206 Park Brook

Honorable Mention: 20814 Park Canyon

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