2018 Board Of Directors Election

2018 Board Of Directors Election

An elected Board of 5 Directors manage the affairs of the HOA. Each of the Directors is elected for a 3-year term. The 5 Board positions are staggered in rotation meaning every year there is at least one Board position up for re-election. The Board election is held every year in November during the Annual Meeting, November 14, 2017 at 7pm.

For 2018, there will be one Board position open for re-election. Due to the vacated seat of a director, the person who obtains the second most votes, will be appointed to fill the remainder of the vacated term. The candidates running for the 2018 Board of Directors is Mike Brahm, Michael Sheiman, and Michael Smyth. For more information about the candidates, please read their bios below. 

There are several easy ways to vote. You can fill out the Directed Proxy and return it to the ballot box in the Memorial Parkway office lobby. A copy of the Directed Proxy will also be mailed to you in October. There are also copies of the Directed Proxy in the office lobby. 

You can vote online by submitting the online Directed Proxy at this link https://goo.gl/forms/XTUyh0OCBOfv6tQr1

Candidate Bios: 

Mike Brahm

I am running for re-election to the MPCA Board of Directors to continue to keep our subdivision an attractive and desirable place to live and raise a family.  My top priorities are, increasing our investments and home values, making sure our neighborhood is safe, and keeping our HOA Dues the lowest in the area. I think it is important that we do whatever is necessary in order to keep Memorial Parkway attractive and a nice family neighborhood where people are proud to live and own a home.

As a current Board member, I have overseen the maintenance of our facilities. I have always strived to keep contractor prices and cost down.

My wife, Kathy, and I bought our home on Park Bend in 1979. We raised our three daughters in Memorial Parkway and are now proud grandparents of 2 grandbabies.

Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

Michael Smyth P.E.

I am a Professional Engineer who along with my wife, Kathy, has lived in Memorial Parkway since 1983. I have two grown daughters, Penny and Paige.

My experience includes working for a major Engineering and Construction Company for over 40 years here in Houston. I have been responsible for managing major engineering and construction projects world-wide valued in excess of 10 billion dollars.

If I am successful and become a Board Member my main objectives would be:

  1. Ensure that the overall upkeep of the neighborhood is kept such that the homeowners and families’ lifestyles and investments remain the top priority.
  2. Ensure all Memorial Parkway Association funds are spent in a timely and judicious manner.
  3. Make a complete review of the present enforcement of deed restrictions and initiate improvements to this system.

I look forward to serving the community where my family and I have enjoyed living for the last 30 plus years.

Michael Sheiman

My name is Michael Sheiman.   In my interest toward this community and, after several requests to do so on Nextdoor, I am asking for your support in a position on our HOA board.

My overall mission is to make our community an enthusiastic, supportive, classic place to live, increasing quality of life without increasing fees by means of highly efficient systems, direct voting, and complete transparency.

I have vast design experience as an MBA/MSIS Master's degree holding IT systems designer and programmer for University of Houston Downtown, including design of integrated emergency alert systems handling over 12000 clients at UHD with past experience creating mission request systems at NASA.  I create inexpensive and reliable ways to handle complex, mission-critical tasks involving thousands of people, not unlike the thousands of residents in Memorial Parkway.

Perhaps most importantly, I support neighbors voting directly on issues.  For example, if neighbors, via e-mail or otherwise, pass me their votes on an issue, I will support the average of their individual votes in board meetings rather than “represent” them with my own unless a community member specifically grants me permission/proxy to vote for him/her. 

            As a prospective board member, I consider residents as individual people, beyond mere tools to boost ROI and home resale value.  I certainly aim to keep the neighborhood looking great and home values up, however my primary goal is quality of life, to keep live-in neighbors happy and safe while acting fairly.     I aim to bend over backward to make sure everyone is treated well and given fair time and resources to deal with issues such as violations given their own personal situations and resources according to current best practices in motivation and behavioral theory.

I am a stickler for efficient, proactive security.  I will push to install an integrated high-resolution camera system on the outskirt streets of our neighborhood where a majority of robberies have occurred to make such robberies at least much less convenient.  I plan to have some placed in front of any suspected drug and/or trafficking homes as well and form a common e-mail/network where any neighbors can volunteer to send motion captured home security images for review by patrol.  A few times this past year a house has been robbed or vandalized, leaving the victim stranded on Nextdoor scrambling to find a random nearby neighbor with video surveillance.  Such should never happen, it’s time to get organized and have a system prepared.   I also support posting signs at neighborhood entrances stating "you are being recorded" to help ward off criminals.

Concerning pool control, I aim to propose rules where parents caught not caring for their own children at pools can be banned and creation of a volunteer resident system to supplement our contracted lifeguards and quality check their performance.  This will allow increased pool hours without proportionately increased contractor fees and do so without compromising safety.  I want you to be able to enjoy more of what you pay for rather than spend money cleaning up after others’ mistakes.

 I also realize, for example, that we have a problem with lack of summer activities available here, pushing often misbehaving kids to flood our pool areas and occasionally cause accidents.  Given permission, I will gladly build things like a small/inexpensive shaded and cooled (likely via low-cost (about $30 per 100 square feet) patio-style above ground misting system and a small solar-powered AC) game center with ping-pong/WII/DDR and other at least semi-athletic activities to give children and teens, for example, a fair, safer, less maintenance costly alternative to our pools.  I will also push for recreational area fitness equipment and more shaded areas for adults, including over pools and for those prescribed sun-sensitive medication.  I believe our amenities should be fresh, inspiring, safe, low-maintenance, and easily usable in virtually all seasons to all residents.

You can also contact me any time or even meet over dinner to discuss issues or just get to know myself or my family.  Feel free to e-mail me your concerns any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will respond promptly.

Have a great day and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


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